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Q: What are your panels made of?
A: Our panels are made from a heavy gauge aluminum coated with a scratch resistant finish that resists minor scrapes and scratches that often dull and blemish lower end systems.

Q: I have a large deck. How long can the Dry Under Decks panels run?
A: With our patented Stay-n-Place locking mechanism, we can easily accomodate any deck of any size. Even 25-foot spans are not a problem.

Q: Is ice or snow ever a problem for the Dry Under Decks system?
A: No, with our Stay-n-Place double locking mechanism and attachments over 5-7 feet apart. Our system is the only one that can stand heavy ice and snow loads and is the strongest in the industry.

Q: Do you offer any kind of warranty or performance guaranty?
A: We offer a limited lifetime performance warranty against material defects, as long as your deck is intact. For a free warranty packet which describes this in detail, please contact us.

Q: How long with the installation take?
A: Generally most installations take only one day. If the deck is larger, then a second day may be needed to complete the job.

Q: Can the area under the deck be enclosed for a screened porch, or have ceiling fans, lights, hanging plants, etc. attached?
A: Absolutely. All Dry Under Deck Systems are installed so that they can easily accommodate construction of screened porches, ceiling lights, and fans.

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Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Performance Warranty

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Photo Gallery

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